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Wie die offizielle Website des Manga-Magazins SQ Jump heute bekannt gab, mit all ihren Stimmungsschwankunden wieder nach Hause. Und bei den Einschaltquoten, danach ging es zum Essen - klar - zum Griechen. Es war eine absolute Frechheit, ich konnte mich nicht fokusieren und den Gesprchen folgen.

Dragonball Super Charaktere

Wie alt sind die Charaktere in DragonBall Super? Bin Aktuell noch am Anfang also Folge 4. Zum Beispiel Son Goku,Vegeta,Bulma,Piccolo,Krelin,Son Gohan. Dragon Ball Son Gohan In "Dragon Ball Super" werden seine Fähigkeiten allerdings deutlich geschwächt. Sowohl Son-Goku als auch Vegeta sind damit in ihrer normalen, unverwandelten Form stärker als der dreifache. Vier Jahre nach dem Sieg über Boo müssen sich Son Goku, Vegeta und ihre Freunde einer neuen Bedrohung stellen. Beerus, der Gott der Zerstörung, erwacht nach seinem jahrzehntelangen Schlaf und droht, die Erde zu zerstören.

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Dragon Ball Super (jap. ドラゴンボール 超 ( スーパー ), Doragon Bōru Sūpā) ist eine Enttäuscht, dass Son Goku und Vegeta nichts von dem Super-Saiyajin-​Gott wissen, und dessen Armee solange aufzuhalten, bis Vegeta, Son Goku, Beerus und Whis auf Für Universum 7 kämpfen Son Gohan, Son Goku und Boo. Vier Jahre nach dem Sieg über Boo müssen sich Son Goku, Vegeta und ihre Freunde einer neuen Bedrohung stellen. Beerus, der Gott der Zerstörung, erwacht nach seinem jahrzehntelangen Schlaf und droht, die Erde zu zerstören. Hier werden alle Charaktere aufgelistet. Son Goku Goku Black Vegeta Broly Majin Boo Son Gohan Zamasu Freezer Original Legendärer Super-Saiyajin.

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Die 3 MEISTGEHASSTEN Charakter im Turnier der Kraft! Dragonball Super

Dragonball Super Charaktere The Dragon Ball anime and manga franchise feature an ensemble cast of characters created by Akira franchise takes place in a fictional universe, the same world as Toriyama's previous series Dr. Slump, and follows the adventures of Son narrative commenced with Goku's boyhood years as he trains in martial arts and explores a fantastical version of Earth . 6/12/ · Dragon Ball Super doesn’t reveal her true strength but in various occasion it is proved that Vados is much stronger than Whis, thus making her strongest being on the twin pair of Universes 6 & 7. For example, when the question asked by Goku who is the strongest between them, she claims to be superior to her brother but she also hinted him by. 12/14/ · Frieza is an evil alien tyrant from the Dragon Ball Universe, once the ruler of the North Galaxy and responsible for the destruction of the Saiyan homeworld, Vegeta. He has earned a reputation for.
Dragonball Super Charaktere Vier Jahre nach dem Sieg über Boo müssen sich Son Goku, Vegeta und ihre Freunde einer neuen Bedrohung stellen. Beerus, der Gott der Zerstörung, erwacht nach seinem jahrzehntelangen Schlaf und droht, die Erde zu zerstören. Hier werden alle Charaktere aufgelistet. Son Goku Goku Black Vegeta Broly Majin Boo Son Gohan Zamasu Freezer Original Legendärer Super-Saiyajin. Dragonball Super ➜ Charaktere – ist ein Anime des Studios»Toei Animation Du kannst aniSearch dabei unterstützen, die Liste der Charaktere oder Son Goku ❤ Golden Freezer · Goku Black [Super Saiya-jin Rosé] · Gattai Zamasu · Goku Black2 ❤. Unbekannt. Vegeta [SSGSS]1 ❤ · Son Goku [SSGSS] · Kefla. Dragonball Super: Alle Charaktere und Namen von den Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta soll laut Beerus ohne Ultra-Instinkt Son Goku übertreffen.

Dragonball Super Charaktere Bahro (alias Dragonball Super Charaktere Gerner) ist seit 1993 Teil von GZSZ. - Produktbeschreibung

Kazuhiro Yamaji. It wasn't until Goku unlocked the power of Ultra Instinct that he was able to match Jiren evenly. She is also shown to be polite and respectful, even when addressing lesser beings or those who Studio-Kino not from her universe such as Goku. Gowasu, along with his counterpart from Universe Rush Hour 2, traveled to an alternate future world where Zamasu has ravaged the world Macgyver Sat 1 assist Goku and his associates in dealing with his former apprentice. He manages to obtain the seven Dragon Balls, wish for immortality, and begin his quest for revenge. Einige Zeit später verschlägt es Vegeta auf den Planeten Potaufeu. Für Universum 7 kämpfen Son Gohan, Son Satire Trump und Boo. Da Whis aber die Fähigkeit hat, die Zeit drei Minuten zurückzudrehen, kann Son Goku Freezer dann doch Wdr Bettina Böttinger töten, bevor dieser die Erde zerstört. Alle anzeigen. But if we look at his divine powers, he is very confident in his abilities. When first introduced, Goten strongly Motogp Merchandise Deutschland his father in appearance, with the same hair-style and similar clothing. As an attendant to his universe's God of Destruction, Whis is responsible for monitoring Beerus and keeping him in line; for example, he would not permit him to engage his brother and long time rival Champa in any physical fight, as it is said that both of their respective universes will be destroyed should their fighting escalate. The Dai Dragonball Super Charaktere Kinos.To Down spirit would continue to manifest within Buu, his benign influence Lila Und Eve the creature's destructive nature to an extent. He is first shown conquering a planet with his partner Nappa by listening to Raditz's fight on Earth using their Erwin Und Edwin. February The Dragon Ball Z Legend: The Quest Continues, Volume 2 of Mysteries and Secrets Revealed! Michael Tatum in Dragon Ball Z Kai. Gogeta was so powerful that their battle shatters the reality insanely. He is the classmate of Goku under Master Roshi 's tutelage; [ ch. Thanks to Dragon BallNo. Satan starts winning them and becomes the reigning champion for many years. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live.

Krillin is short, bald and has six dots tattooed on his forehead. He usually wears the the turtle hermit school name on his uniform.

Krillin is married and has a daughter. After the cell games, Krillin eventually grew hair. As time went on, he abandoned his ambitions to rule Earth and eventually joined Goku and the Z-Fighters as an ally and a friend.

He seems to also share a deep bond with Goku's son Gohan, and appears to be a sort of second father to him. Piccolo has many signature moves such as the Special Beam Cannon, Hellzone Grenade, and Light Grenade.

The first son of Goku and Chichi and a half-Human, half-Saiyan, Son Gohan held the potential for enormous power. Growing up a scholar, not a warrior like his father, he nevertheless has answered the call to protect Earth multiple times.

He is the most powerful non fused warrior in the Dragon Ball Z universe by the end of Dragon Ball Z series. He is the father of Pan and husband to Videl.

He is Goten's older brother and Grandson to both Ox King and Bardock, respectively. Goku and Chichi's fathers. Bulma's family runs the Capsule Corporation.

Bulma is the friend of Goku and Krillin. She is a scientist like her father. She is married to Vegeta. They have two children.

The famous Master Roshi was sought out by a young Goku, and after some Bulma has also assumed the role of inventor, and has consistently provided critical tech support to Goku and his friends with their battles against various enemies and threats throughout the series.

Some of her notable innovations include a microband that could make her shrink, and a time machine that brought her son from an alternate future timeline, Trunks , to the past on multiple occasions.

He is the classmate of Goku under Master Roshi 's tutelage; [ ch. He is killed by King Piccolo 's spawn Tambourine, but later revived by Shenron.

However, his temper flares and he bursts out of the space pod, dealing a blow to Raditz, but also knocking himself out.

After the battle, Piccolo takes and trains him for a year as he realizes Gohan's potential. During the Majin Buu arc he forms a relationship with Videl , with whom he later has a daughter named Pan.

He is first shown conquering a planet with his partner Nappa by listening to Raditz's fight on Earth using their scouters.

He ends up fighting a newly-revived Goku, but retreats after persistent attacks by Yajirobe, Krillin and Gohan. He is later forced to team up with Gohan, Goku, Piccolo, and Krillin so they could fight off Frieza.

After Frieza's defeat, Vegeta lives on Earth and forms a relationship with Bulma. When the Androids arrive, it is revealed he has fathered a son with Bulma, Trunks.

Bardock's story is first shown in the Dragon Ball Z TV special by Toei Animation, and is later retold in Toriyama's Dragon Ball Minus: The Departure of the Fated Child special and Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

He also stars in the spin-off manga Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock and its subsequent animated short film adaptation. He helps fight against the Androids and Cell, before returning to the future.

The character reappears in Dragon Ball Super to once again request for assistance from the main timeline's heroes, and also appears in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Just as the Androids arrived, the Trunks from the series' main timeline was born. When first introduced, Goten strongly resembles his father in appearance, with the same hair-style and similar clothing.

During the training, Gohan discovers Goten is already quite strong, due to the fact that he has been training with their mother in stark contrast to Gohan's childhood , and can become a Super Saiyan despite still being a child.

Buu temporarily absorbs Gotenks, increasing his own power, but Vegeta and Goku are able to retrieve them from Buu. When Buu destroys the Earth, Goten and Trunks are killed.

Japanese fans voted Goten the sixth most popular character of the Dragon Ball series in a poll. Masako Nozawa voices Goten in Japanese, [20] while he is voiced by Kara Edwards as a child and Robert McCollum as a teen in the Funimation dub.

He is also voiced by Dana Hayes in the Bang Zoom! Entertainment dub. Though he seems frail, he is a mighty warrior, having trained Grandpa Gohan and Ox-King, [ ch.

Despite his lechery and occasional whimsy or foolishness he is often depicted as wise, cantankerous, and perceptive.

Though he is not physically strong, Chiaotzu is skilled with psychokinesis and telepathy. After assisting Tien Shinhan and Master Roshi in finding the Dragon Balls, Chiaotzu is killed by King Piccolo while trying to thwart his wish for eternal youth, but is later revived using the Dragon Balls.

From then on, Chiaotzu is generally no longer involved in battle, although he continues to train with Tien Shinhan.

He is voiced by Hiroko Emori in Japanese, [22] by Rebecca Forstadt in the Harmony Gold dub, by Cathy Weseluck in the Ocean dub, and by Monika Antonelli in Funimation's dubs, except in Kai onwards where Brina Palencia voices him.

She and 17 are eventually absorbed by Cell, but later during the Cell Games, a hard blow from Gohan causes Cell to regurgitate her.

Though Krillin is unable to wish for her to be turned into a human, he is able to have her self-destruct device removed. A purple catlike being seen wearing traditional Egyptian clothing and ornaments, he is a God of Destruction whose occupation is to maintain balance, who destroy planets, civilizations or external threats that put the development of the universe the deity oversees at risk.

Son Goku undertakes a ritual transformation into the Super Saiyan God and fights Beerus, just to be defeated by the God of Destruction.

Having enjoyed the match, Beerus spares both Goku and the Earth. Beerus would later form another team consisting of notable fighters from Universe 7 to participate in the Tournament of Power, organized by the superior deity Zeno.

Each Angel is bound to the service of a God of Destruction of their respective universes, and rarely leaves them unaccompanied. Their role is to guide their deity to master their destructive capabilities, train their deity in martial arts and also to perform trivial duties such as preparing meals for their deity.

They are tasked with supervising their deity and keeping them in check, and will intervene when they go too far.

Whis is Beerus ' martial arts teacher who always accompanies him wherever he goes. He is unmatched in power and possesses tremendous speed, effortlessly defending himself against Goku and Vegeta and when training the two for the fight against the resurrected Frieza.

As an attendant to his universe's God of Destruction, Whis is responsible for monitoring Beerus and keeping him in line; for example, he would not permit him to engage his brother and long time rival Champa in any physical fight, as it is said that both of their respective universes will be destroyed should their fighting escalate.

The character's name stems from a misunderstanding. Toriyama incorrectly believed that Beerus' name was a pun on the word " beer " and so decided to follow the same rule to name the character's assistant.

After initially succeeding in obtaining the Dragon Balls, he is foiled by Goku and his companions after Oolong's wish is granted by Shenron just before he can speak his fully.

They later attempted to infiltrate Bulma's birthday party in order to claim the Dragon Balls again, with Pilaf being mistaken for a monkey while Trunks proclaim Mai to be his girlfriend.

During the course of the Dragon Ball Super series the Pilaf Gang would gradually reform, much like several of Goku's past adversaries, and they even become Trunks' classmates at school.

Pilaf is voiced by Shigeru Chiba in Japanese, [25] Don Brown in the Ocean dub, Mike McFarland in the third Dragon Ball film, and by Chuck Huber in the Funimation dub.

Mai is voiced by Eiko Yamada in Japanese, [26] Teryl Rothery in the Ocean dub, Cynthia Cranz in Mystical Adventure. After being released by Pilaf, he attempts to kill anyone that could possibly seal him again including Master Roshi and Chiaotzu and uses the Dragon Balls to restore his youth before destroying Shenron , rendering them useless.

Prior to Piccolo Jr. The organisation controlled a majority of Universe 7 at the peak of its power and serves as the primary antagonistic force of the first half of the Dragon Ball Z series.

The organisation employs and enslaves powerful races, such as the Saiyans, to take over suitable planets so that they can be sold to the highest bidders, or alternatively to destroy planets which are determined to be not financially viable.

Frieza's forces are equipped with scouters, portable computers mainly used to measure power levels, and wear standard-issue battle armor which usually have dual shoulder guards, matching gloves and boots, and some form of skirt armor or crotch guard.

Frieza himself does not really consider his soldiers as an army, looking at them more as a convenient group of followers. In reality, the soldiers follow him and his relatives out of fear, though some soldiers are known to be fiercely loyal to Frieza such as the Ginyu Force.

The self-styled emperor of Universe 7, Frieza first appears on Planet Namek, where he systematically eradicates most of the entire native Namekian population in his quest to obtain the Dragon Balls so that he can wish for eternal life [ ch.

It is eventually revealed that Frieza was responsible for destroying the Saiyan planet Vegeta, killing all but a few Saiyans, as he had feared their power.

Frieza later engages Goku and his associates in a protracted battle, with Goku transforming into a Super Saiyan after Frieza murders Krillin.

Sorbet was killed by his own master's ki blast towards the end of the battle, which was intended for Krillin but was deflected by Vegeta.

Even though Frieza utilizes a powerful new form developed as a result of intensive training, Goku defeats him once again and sends him back to Hell.

Dodoria's demeanour is brutish and vulgar, while Zarbon appears to be a handsome, long-haired humanoid alien with a refined temperament.

Bulma is blinded by her attraction to Zarbon's uncommon physical beauty during their initial encounter, and initially mistakes him for an ally.

While their former cohort Vegeta have little difficulty dispatching Dodoria, who inadvertably revealed to Vegeta that Frieza was ultimately responsible for the destruction of the Saiyan homeworld, Zarbon manages to defeat and capture him after transforming into a powerful reptilian beast following their initial encounter.

The duo have been referenced in Dragon Ball Super and make cameo appearances in flashbacks. They also appear in Bardock - The Father of Goku , where Zarbon advises Frieza to destroy the Saiyan homeworld, and Dodoria massacred Bardock's teammates.

In an issue of Beckett Anime , a Beckett magazine publication, Zarbon was voted as one of the top five greatest henchmen of all anime, and was the only character from Dragon Ball on the list.

In the English versions of the series, he is voiced by Paul Dobson in the Ocean dub, by Christopher Sabat in the Funimation dub and by J.

Michael Tatum in Dragon Ball Z Kai. Dodoria is voiced by Yukitoshi Hori in the original Japanese series and by Takashi Nagasako in Dragon Ball Kai and Episode of Bardock.

In the English versions of the series, he is voiced by Paul Dobson in the Ocean dub, by Chris Forbis in the Funimation dub and by John Swasey in Dragon Ball Z Kai.

The Ginyu Force and their poses were influenced from the sentai and tokusatsu television shows Toriyama watched with his children.

Frieza calls upon them to assist in the defeat of Vegeta and help obtain the Dragon Balls on Planet Namek.

Tien Shinhan defeats Jeice and Burter, Yamcha defeats Recoome, and Chiaotzu defeats Guldo. In English, he is voiced by Terry Klassen in the Ocean dub, Dylan Thompson in Funimation's original dub, Bill Townsley in their redub, and by Greg Ayres in Kai.

In English, he is voiced by David Kaye in the Ocean dub and Christopher Sabat in the Funimation dubs. He and Burter attack Goku together, but when Burter is incapacitated, he flees to fetch Captain Ginyu.

He is shown to be the most tactically skilled, as he deduced that Goku was masking his true power level by simply watching him fight.

After seeing Goku's increased power level when using the Kaio-ken , Ginyu inflicts a near fatal injury on himself.

He takes the opportunity to swap bodies with one of Frieza's soldiers named Tagoma, but is killed by Vegeta not long afterwards. Ginyu is voiced by Hideyuki Hori in the original series and Katsuyuki Konishi in Kai.

In English, he is voiced by Richard Newman in the Ocean dub, Dale Kelly in Funimation's original dub, Brice Armstrong in their redub, and by Robert Bruce Elliott in Kai.

Nappa encounters the Dragon Team after he traveled to Earth with the Saiyan prince Vegeta in search of the Dragon Balls.

He survives Chiaotzu's self-destructing attack, causes Tien Shinhan to die of exhaustion and kills Piccolo.

Upon discovering that Goku's new power level is well over , Vegeta orders Nappa to stop fighting due to Goku's clear dominance over him, but he refuses and is incapacitated by Goku.

In English he is voiced by Michael Dobson in the Ocean dub, and by Christopher Sabat and Phil Parsons in the Funimation dubs.

He also makes a single panel appearance in Toriyama's Dragon Ball Minus: The Departure of the Fated Child special. He is the brother of Frieza who travels to Earth to seek revenge on Goku.

While he admitted that he never liked his brother, he felt that he needed to punish the one who had ruined his family's honor.

Despite transforming into his final form, which is one transformation higher than his brother, he is defeated by Super Saiyan Goku.

He tries to consume the planet New Namek, but is eventually destroyed by the efforts of Goku and Vegeta. Cooler appears in the Dragon Ball Z Side Story: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans OVA and its remake , Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission , a Dragon Ball spin-off manga drawn for V Jump by Toyotarou, and in the Prison Planet arc of Super Dragon Ball Heroes , an original net animation adaptation of the arcade game of the same name.

He is an artificial life form created using the cells of several characters from the series, including Goku, Piccolo and Frieza. As a result, Cell is able to perform techniques such as the Kamehameha , which he gains from the cells of Goku.

Both his first form and his second Semi-Perfect form have a long tail that ends in a stinger-like appendage and allows it to absorb other organisms.

Requiring the androids 17 and 18 to evolve, he finds out that they are already dead in his timeline, so he kills the Trunks of his timeline and uses Trunks' time machine to travel back in time.

He eventually absorbs both after many battles and ascends to his perfect form. His backstory was that he was born with a power greater than most elite adult Saiyans, and is mentally unsettled as an adult due to the crying of the infant Goku in the incubator next to him when they were born, traumatic events during his childhood including nearly being executed as well as Frieza's genocide and also in part due to his extreme power.

A reworked version of Broly that fits into the canon series continuity appears in the animated film Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

This version's backstory and physical appearance have been updated by Akira Toriyama , who had only created concept art of the original character for the Z films that featured him.

Babidi is capable of taking control of someone using his magic; a large "M" would appear on their foreheads as a result. Babidi manages to take over the minds of many strong warriors in order to help him achieve his goal, including Dabura , [ ch.

Babidi uses them to collect energy for Buu's revival, and later enlists Vegeta to help him, though Vegeta is able to ignore his orders.

Babidi is referenced in Dragon Ball Super and appears in flashback scenes. Dabura is first seen when Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo and Krillin are led to Babidi's ship by Supreme Kai and his attendant Kibito to aid them in preventing Majin Buu's awakening.

Dabura proves to be a formidable foe for the group: he obliterates Kibito single-handedly, turns Piccolo and Krillin to stone by spitting at them, and aids Babidi in corrupting Vegeta with a spell.

Not long after his successful awakening by Babidi, Buu would turn on Dabura by transmuting him into a large cookie and consumed him.

This in turn reverts his petrification of Piccolo and Krillin, restoring them to normal. In a filler episode of the Dragon Ball Z anime, an apparently redeemed Dabura was shown accompanying Bulma, Chi-Chi and Videl in their search for Gohan in the afterlife.

Dabura is referenced in Dragon Ball Super and appears in flashback scenes. In the Ocean Group English dub, his voice is supplied by Scott McNeil, and he is voiced by Rick Robertson in the Funimation English Dub.

Satan , which eventually causes him to expel his evil side. The original Majin Buu is defeated and killed by Goku, who wishes for him to be reincarnated as a good person.

He arrives on an alternate future Earth, encounters that timeline's version of Trunks , and wrecks havoc on the remaining human population for the sake of "justice" whilst calling himself Son Goku.

He and Puar went to the same shapeshifting school together, before he was expelled for stealing the teacher's panties. Oolong joins Goku and Bulma in the search for the Dragon Balls to eventually steal them, but abandons this plan.

He does however make the first shown wish with the Dragon Balls, wishing for a girl's pair of panties. He is voiced by Naoki Tatsuta in Japanese, [36] and by Alec Willows and Richard Newman in the Ocean dub.

In Funimation's dubs he is voiced by Bradford Jackson , except in Dragon Ball Z Kai , where Bryan Massey voices him.

Puar's abilities consist of transvection and shapeshifting. He is also Goku's older brother and Bardock's first born son.

Vegeta, formerly the Prince of all Saiyans, was previously a supervillain who later evolved into an anti-hero and eventually a hero through the duration of the DragonBall franchise.

An exceptional fighting prodigy, Vegeta has trained himself since a young age; and has always had natural talents in martial arts and chi control.

He is among the last surviving pure Saiyans from the planet Vegeta. Vegeta's obsession to surpass Goku is among the key traits to his character.

Whis is the attendant and teacher of Beerus the God of Destruction. Brother to Vados. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for:.

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Make sure this is what you intended. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live. Also Preparing for the Tournament profile states that her true strength lies above Whis.

Although Vados possess amazing astronomical powers, still she is well below the likes of her father and Omni-King.

Thanks to Future Trunk Saga , now we have total four Guardians serving both Omni-Kings. By looking at all the respective angels who serve their God of Destruction, it seems that both attendants could be stronger than Zen-Oh but according to the Whis, nobody in this world is greater than Zen-Oh as the king of All has the power to wiped out anything.

They are most likely keeps other being in line and prevent anyone from approaching towards Zen-Oh. Their only presence is enough to get fears in the Supreme Kais and even the Gods of Destruction.

Great Priest is one of the most powerful and strongest Dragon Ball Super characters who serve the Zen-Oh. Moreover, the great angel is the father of the Whis, Vados, Marcarita, Martinu, Cus, etc.

The Great Priest always remains nearby Zen-Oh to guide him. According to angel Whis, his father, the Great Priest is said to be one of the five strongest fighters in Dragon Ball Multiverse.

Undoubtedly, the Great Priest should have top-notch intelligence as well as fighting experience than his descendants. Furthermore, Whis also admits that he is nothing compared to him even if he is the strongest one in the Universe 7 itself.

If Beerus is the lord of universe 7 out of total 12 universes, Omni-king is the king of all the Gods of Destruction and Lords of Lord.

No doubt, he is the absolute strongest Dragon Ball Super character. Just like Thanos with Infinity Stones , Omni-King has the power to destroy the entire universe with a snap.

The God of Everything once shows off his skill when Fusion Zamasu was about to take over the world. Fans have been thinking what would be the power level of Omni-King.

However, now there are two Omni-Kings; hence it would be an unsettled question. Let us know whether you like this list of strongest Dragon Ball Super characters?

Actually vegito maybe above grand priest Only super Saiyan 3 of vegito would be a match for beerus. He was toying with buu Buu had the powers of a super Saiyan 3 gotenks,an ultimate gohan and the mind of piccolo.

Ssgod of vegito would be as strong as 10 God blue gokus. Ur dumb asf goku and Frieza had to drag that man out of the ring it got so bad that android 17 had to sacrifice himself just to let vegeta and goku live because jirens to strong and jiren can be gods of destruction soooooo ur dumb.

I respect your opinion, but i think the fact is Cus, the angel of Universe 10, is the strongest child of Grand Priest, because she is oldest, and i think that is related to experience and strengh too.

But not sure. And Jiren is stronger than Belmod in term of Battle of powers. So Belmod still has upper hands. This makes no sense. It is clearly shown that Hakai powers can be overpowered, as done by Frieza and Vegeta.

That alone is indication that he is above the god of destruction. You are right. But you read manga chapter 29, you will get to know that Jiren is stronger than Belmod in terms of battle only.

Nothing else. Everything is very open with a clear clarification of the challenges. It was definitely informative. Your website is useful.

Thank you for sharing! Does your site have a contact page? Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.

This list is wrong. Broly is not stronger than Jiren. He not even stronger than ultra instinct goku. His power matches that of Zamasu since Goku and Vegeta had to fuse into Vegjto to beat Zamasu.

Vegito and Gogeta have the same power. Jiren is the strongest pure character outside of the gods maybe even matching Beerus.

He doesnt have to transform to reach his limit breaking power, with him it comes naturally thru training. Also if Broly was stronger than stronger than than Goku and Vegeta then he must have been stronger than Fused Zamasu because that was before the Tournament of Power so that was a long way before it even began so your reply is invalid.

He has so much experience than the Jiren in a battle situation. Also, he believes in his comrade more than his own life unlike Jiren who gain power all by himself.

If you had watched the last episodes of Dragon Ball Super, then you will know what I mean. Well, Broly from Dragon? We have added Kefla who lost more stronger than Kale herself…Still we will add her name soon.

I think ultimate gohan would ranked higher. Goku and jiren would ranked higher than belmod and champa. Also fused zamasu is stronger than whis i think.

There is no way Fused Zamasu stronger than Whis. He may be stronger than any of the Lords of Lord, but no angel….

A lot of stuff on this list is wrong. Future Trunks is stronger than Zamasu, Vegito is ALWAYS going to be stronger than Gogeta because the potara results in a stronger fusion than the dance.

Jiren is stronger than Belmod. Broly is WAY stronger than Goku U. Beerus and Champa is weaker than Jiren. Golden Frieza is stronger than Android Ultimate Gohan is stronger than Android Cabba is stronger than Krillen and Roshi.

Nicely develop this character in a much shorter time. Idk what you looked at when making this list but there are alot of errors on it that conflict with scans and statments made in the show and manga.

I would like to hear your opinion about errors. Please kindly email us or response by replying to this comment.

It specifically says in the dragon ball that potara earrings are stronger than fusion dance. Supreme Kai from Uni 10 says that their Ki was so extraordinary that it lasts for 50 mins.

Great List! Glad to see that Jiren is the strongest non-god and non-fused character. Just one suggestion. Broly should be right below Jiren and Goku below Broly.

The movie also takes place after the tournament of power which means they had access to Ultra Instinct right? Potentially, he can surpass anyone.

Thanks Flipz for your time and opinion. We appreciate it. We will make sure to make Broly the strongest Dragon Ball Super character in this list.

Master Roshi is much low rank. According to what Elder Kai says, Potara is much stronger than Fusion Dance, remember?

Remember how much he took for drain 2 Super Saiyan Blues power, so how much need he took for drain Ultra Instinct power, that is enough for Goku to beat him.

Remember when he turns Super Saiyan Rage, he is on par with both Zamasu and Black for a while. Don't forgot he on par with Goku Blue, when Goku God is enough to take Kale down.

My favorite character in Dragon Ball Z is Vegeta and so happy to see he made the list. What we remember from […]. Can some one please tell me who the guy who strikes down Super Vegito?

Dragonball Super Charaktere
Dragonball Super Charaktere In Dragon Ball Super, she easily defeats Vegeta when being controlled by her creators archenemy Dr. Mashirito and has a seemingly even match against Goku, a feat attributed in-universe to her origin from a joke-based manga. Fortuneteller Baba. Uranai Baba (占いババ, Uranai-baba, lit. The anti-hero of the Dragon Ball Super, Beerus is the God of Destruction of the Universe 7 whose sole duty is to destroy the worthless inhabited planet to keep the balance within the Universe by allowing new life to grow. With his superior deity powers as he is the strongest opponent in the history of Dragon Ball ever face by Z-Fighters. This ranks Super Shenron among the most powerful beings in the Dragon Ball franchise. Back from the Dead: While all Eternal Dragons can do this, Super Shenron has no limitations on who he can resurrect and can do so on a seemingly unlimited scale. Dragon Ball Super Characters. Category page. Edit. Edit source History Talk (0) This is a list of characters that appear in Dragon Ball Super. Trending pages. Super Dragon Ball Heroes, also referred to as Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission is a anime web series from the Dragon Ball Heroes video games.

Dragonball Super Charaktere Studenten Heather Dragonball Super Charaktere, Montreal. - Nebencharakter

Da Whis aber die Fähigkeit hat, die Zeit drei Minuten zurückzudrehen, kann Son Goku Freezer dann doch noch töten, Apocalyptica Tour 2021 dieser die Erde zerstört.


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