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How to Create Shooting Chances in Fifa 15

Posted by on Mar 30, 2015

Fifa 15 is a very versatile game that highly depend upon tactics, available players nad skill of your opponent. It is not enough to have a good team and good tactics, you should know how to create a good chance to score a goal.If you do not have a good players in your team, get instant free fifa 15 coins and make a perfect FIFA 15 team.

You will be in a situation where just one goal should decide who will be in a match. That is specially true for a situation where you have a two teams that are defending very well and in such match being able to create a chance is very important. There are certain techniques that may help you to create such chances.If you’re playing really close game end your attackers are under great pressure even a small chance is very important.If you find yourself in such a situation you should perform so called push back maneuver or you should push ball back in order to create a confusion among defenders. Search for on open space and if needed repeat this maneuver several times until you have attacker who has enough free space receivable. Quickly pass ball to him and try to score a goal. It is incredibly simple technique but very effective to create additional space.

The most important thing is such techniques is unpredictability. If a defender cannot understand what are you about to do next then you have advantage and control of whole situation. It is important to disguise your movements as best as you can until the final stage of your attack. One of such techniques is a fake shot stop maneuver. First you need to spend your leg back striking the ball and in that moment fake shot and stop for just a second. That one second is enough that defenders momentum create additional space. In that moment you should shoot in the direction of the goal. This is very effective technique and very unpredictable.

Another useful technique to create some additional, specially very crowded penalty area is to hold LT or L2 while doing a fake shot technique and canceling it in the last moment. Then point left stick in the direction you want to shoot. This maneuver works best when you’re running and the defenders are going directly from you, trying to prevent a direct shot. When you chop the ball it is very hard for defender to react on time.

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How to make a perfect Instagram photo

Posted by on Mar 28, 2015

Instagram is all about making a perfect photo. You do not need to go to expansive course, we are giving you best tips how to make perfect Instagram photo!When you learn how to make perfect photos, all you have to do is to find instagram followers website and share your masterpiece with the world!

Select only the best of your pictures! That is a golden rule! Show only the best images and eave the rest in the drawer!You may want to show many pictures of your dog at the park because they are all quite good and you can’t decide which are the best! Do not post them all! You will be better off making that decision and showing only the few good ones.Showing someone every picture you have taken reduces the effect of the best pictures and gets very, very, very boring.

The most common mistake people make when taking pictures is not filling the frame with the object. One of the easiest ways to improve your photography is with to framing. Look into the corners of the viewfinder. Do you need background? Can you get closer to your subject? A lot of people never turn their camera on a side and shoot upright picture. It can be a little awkward to hold camera on that way but it will make huge difference. If you are taking a picture of one object then it is essential to shoot upright.
Photography is all about the direction of the light!. You need to look at your object very carefully and watch how the shadows fall. How light is falling on your object is most important point n photography. Shooting pictures of people with the sun high in the sky, means that subject’s eyes will be in shadow and that is not good. Try to pick a time when the sun is low in the sky, in the early morning or late afternoon. A nice side effect of shooting in the early morning is that the color of the light is ‘warmer.’

In modern cameras the exposure is usually set to automatic by default and it will produce beautiful pictures.’ Exposure means the amount of light that falls onto the sensor of your camera. Getting a correct exposure means to set up camera according to relevant information. The camera manufacturers have come up with all kind of systems to try to help. You can use multi mode, which give you a choice of center, spot or multi spot metering.
Another essential rule is – the shorter the time that the shutter is open the sharper the final photo will be. If you are shoting fast moving objects such as cars you need to select fast shutter speeds to capture the sharpest possiable picture. if you are taking photos of static objects with a camera mounted on a tripod, you can leave the shutter open as long as you want without any blurring. Now you are on a good way to make your perfect Instagram photo.

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 Clash of Clans – 4 secrets to help you win more games

Posted by on Mar 9, 2015


  1. Revenge. It will frequently be the case that you get attacked while your shield is down and you are away. Sometimes it sucks to get plowed, but getting attacked also shows unusual opportunity! You have the choice to “Revenge” and to attack them back when you review the list of punks who ruined your village while you were away. You can look at their village before attacking and that is a giant strategic advantage, and you can plan your attack – also you could train different units for a special assault. The best thing is checking their storages (visually or yet by clicking on them and checking their levels) and you can check the location of their Town Hall. You need to check farmers first, since you may have a big list to go through because they are likely to have big resource stockpiles. Check back later if an opponent is online or shielded.
  2. Elixir bank

coc2You were wrong if you were thinking that your Barracks were just for training troops. You can line up a large number of troops to train, if you hadn’t noticed yet, even when you aren’t online. When you line up troops in this way the elixir you need to train them is “spent”, he thing that you can do is to cancel training at no penalty for any lined up troop. That means you can line up all of your barracks until they are full, and Elixir which is spent in this way will be safely banked away from would-be attackers. You can cancel the lined up troops and get back your “banked” Elixir when you return to your village. The Wall Breaker has the highest cost per slot by looking down the roster of potential troops. This is an obvious choice. As you boost the level of your Wall Breakers and Barracks, you could protect more than 100 000 Elixir. There are many tools that can help you get this resource, even gems if you want. One of the best clash of clans tips i found is on clashofclanstrichesetastuce.fr an it makes it so easy to get unlimited gems.

  1. It is all about 1250 trophies. For reaching three stars on the ‘sweet victory’ achievement you will get 450 gems. This is really easy to do. You should start as low as a level six Town Hall or if you want you can even lower, and you can search for villages which have a town hall outside of their walls. By taking out this building guarantees you some trophies and a star. You could think (when you are starting) – ‘why would anyone do that?’ You could not understand why, well plenty of opponents do this – and the only thing you need to do is to search diligently until you find such a target and then take your smile and cups.
  2. Town Hall level and raiding

Beside a selection of factors that affect how many resources you can steal from an opponent, the huge one is Town Hall level. You get a 100% modifier on what you can steal if your opponent is at your TH level, or one level above or below. You get a 125% modifier if your opponent is 2 levels above and you get a 150% modifier if your opponent is level 3.  Additionally, that same opponent would get a fifty percent and twenty five percent modifiers for any attempt to revenge you. Given the present Town Hall level cap, makes TH level seven, a very attractive level to farm from. It will be hard to take down Town Hall nine opponents, but there will be the infrequent easy target – but more importantly your resources will be quite safe from the toughest opponents. Your TH level also affects the cost to search for new opponents when matchmaking, that could really start to add up at the higher levels.

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